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Laser Tag Q & A

1. Q:  Can I have a Birthday Party with G-Force Laser Tag?
A:  Yes. For pricing and more information click on the Birthday Parties link

2. Q:  How long are Birthday Parties?
A:  Parties are a 2 hours of fun. Longer parities are available.

3. Q:  Are the laser taggers dangerous?
A:  The laser taggers are based on inferred & low intensity Laser technology which makes them as dangerous as your TV remote. In other words they are very safe.

4.  Q:What about alcohol?
A:  G-Force Laser Tag does not allow alcoholic beverages to be consumed during laser Tag for safety reasons. We have this policy because G-Force Laser Tag is a family oriented entertainment atmosphere.

5. Q:  What is G-Force Laser Tag?
A:  G-Force Laser Tag is your favorite mobile socialization hub that features G-Force Laser Tag, the best kid friendly game on earth!

6. Q:  What is G-Force Laser Tag all about?
A:  Following is a good description of a G-Force Laser Tag game... The game is played in a predesignated outdoor or indoor area that we call the Arena. With G-Force the fun is fast. From the moment you step into G-Force Laser Tag Vest, you know it's not some old video game, because your opponent isn't a computer chip....it's the person standing next to you! 

Here's what you can expect? Start in the G-Force briefing area for instructions on tactics, rules and team assignments.

  • Proceed to the vesting area to suit up with your sensor pack and laser.
  • You carry real lasers, with either red or green vests.
  • Score points with your laser by tagging other players.
  • When you're tagged out, you are never really out of the game because you'll respawn, until you use all your lives
  • The G-Force computer tracks you throughout the game.

7. Q:  What kind of events do you have?
A:  We will have periodic special events including Tournaments, Corporate Outings, Parties and more. We will offer at least 1 tournament per quarter as long as there is a demand, so get all your buddies geared up to make sure you can show them who's the best of the best!

8. Q:  How old do you have to be to play?
A:  6 to 96! If you're younger than 5 years old, you'll need to be with your mom. If you're older than 96 you'll need a note from your mom!

9. Q:  How far will G-Force Laser Tag travel for an event?
A:  We love to travel.  Give us a call and we'll set it up.

10. Q:  What is Laser Tag Mission?
A:  Laser Tag Mission is a revolutionary new outdoor, team-based mission game. Each team member is equipped with an high tech Tagger and color coded sensor vest. Players tag each other with an invisible and harmless infrared beam. Teams are assigned missions to complete like “Escort”, “Base Assault” or “Conquest”. We have a variety of missions for every level and age of players; no mission ever plays the same twice. All missions and scenarios can be played at your location or one of our locations.

11. Q:  Who can play Laser Tag Mission?
A:  Anyone aged 6 and older, male or female  can play to a level that they find comfortable! Laser Tag missions simulations are great fun for the casual player and our structured strategy missions are designed to encourage working together as a team, leadership skills and effective communication. The ultimate mission game, combining role-play and problem-solving, guarantees an experience unlike any other.

12. Q:  How do the laser taggers function?
A:  The laser tagger system has been built around a safe, robust and reliable high-tech infrared mission system with the laser taggers simulating different modern and futuristic-type weapons. With an effective range of 1800 feet, realistic digitized sounds and multiple modes of fire, this is technology with attitude!

13. Q:  What should I wear?
A:  Footwear: Sneakers or hiking footwear, No sandals, no high heels.

  • Clothing: Loose fitting clothing that can get dirty. Best to wear nature colors like brown, black, & green. Shorts & T-shirts are fine.
  • No loose jewelry or cell phones on the field of play. Sorry, No Gum when playing

14. Q:  How long do the missions last?
A:  The length of the missions will vary from 8 minutes to 30 minutes. Several factors are considered when determining the mission time. The age of the players, the size of the field, the mission objective, the number of players that need to participate in the mission.

15. Q:  Is it like paintball or indoor laser tag?
A:  It has elements of both! It's an outdoor combat game like paintball, however it uses technology that is similar to indoor laser tag. The unique part of G-Force Laser Tag is the accuracy, range and the anti-cheating technology.

16. Q:  Does it hurt when you get "hit"?
A:  No, the system uses harmless infrared technology to deliver the "hit", which causes your sensors to light up and your laser tagger to emit a sound and lights.